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Sward Lifting

Many fields suffer from poor quality swards and limited yields even if they plough and re-seed regularly. Often this is caused by soil becoming compacted which limits water flow through the soil profile and reduces air interchange. Reasons for compaction can vary from gradual soil slump to the action of machinery and heavy animals.

With the ground waterlogged it can be too wet for spring operations such as slurry and muck spreading, harrowing, fertilising and overseeding. This means livestock cannot be put out to graze which in turn effects feed requirements and productivity of your fields.

This is where the Sward Lifter Grassland Subsoiler can help. The Sward Lifter is specifically designed to break up hard pans and surface compaction while lifting and opening up the subsoil creating improved drainage. This will greatly help the growth and productivity of your fields.

The untreated area photo (L.H right) shows the top layer of the soil is water logged as a compacted layer is preventing the water from passing through, in the treated photo (R.H right) you can clearly see the water has been able to penetrate through the top layer and down through the soil profile, this will prevent water logging in the winter and allow oxygen into the grass root zone.

As the grass is not put under water logging stress through the winter it is able to take advantage of warmer days to grow and starts growing earlier in the spring.