Soil Sampling

logo-NRMA soil analysis is the best way to check that your grass has everything it needs in order to grow and thrive. Such an analysis identifies the quantities of nutrients which are present in the soil and are available to be used by the plants. The analysis also identifies what additional nutrients need to be added in order to promote excellent growing conditions.


Basic soil analysis – which tests the pH balance of the soil (i.e. the acid or alkaline content), as well as phosphate, potash and magnesium levels.
We can also test for many other nutrient levels, so if you have a particular problem let us know and we can carry out specific tests to then look at ways to address it. When taking a soil analysis, we come to your fields or grounds and take a range of samples from different areas of the site. This means we get an analysis of the whole field, rather than just one area, which may not be a true representation of the whole field. The samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis.

We then send you the results together with recommendations on the type and quantities of nutrients which should be applied to the fields. We will also include further suggestions on how you could improve your fields by carrying out different maintenance procedures during the year, such as scarifying, aerating etc.

Depending on the results of the analysis, it may well be that your fields or grounds do not require additional nutrients. This will save you money on buying unnecessary fertilisers, and you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by reducing excessive fertiliser use.

Grass requires a pH level of 6- 6.5, i.e. it should be neutral. At this pH level other nutrients found in the soil are most available for the plant. If your soil analysis results are less than this figure, your land is too acidic and will need applications of a calcium rich nutrient. Where land has a high alkaline content it often has a high calcium or sodium content. In such cases a sulphur rich nutrient could be added. However, it is important to only add the correct amount of nutrients to your land on a ‘little and often’ basis, to ensure you provide the right conditions for the grass to grow.

The aim is to replace the amounts of nutrients which are being taken away as a result of grazing or cutting and removal. For most people the soil analysis is the first step in improving their grass. Le Pav Ltd can offer you the full service from taking the samples, to applying the correct amount of required nutrients on the field so please give us a call so that we can discuss your particular needs.