Reseeding & Over Seeding

Direct Drilling

Grazed grass is the best and cheapest forage a livestock farmer can produce. With this in mind, the Aitchison slot-seeding system was developed in New Zealand in the early 1970’s. Aitchison GrassFarmer drills are purpose-built for the renewal and above all the rejuvenation of pastureland without resorting to ploughing and with a minimum of chemical and fertilizer use.

Not only does the Aitchison boot create an ideal environment for the germination and root-establishment of the desired new seedlings, but it also checks the growth of the existing sward in the band thus re-seeded. As such it is the best method to use for rotational ‘stitching-in’ of productive and palatable new grasses and clovers.

In the unfortunate event that a pasture has become so degraded it needs a complete renovation, the GrassFarmer models are equally well adapted to this role. A re-seed immediately after a dose of glyphosate gives a newly established sward in the briefest period possible and with a minimum of upheaval and cost.

Inverted_T_SlotThe Aitchison hopper with sponge seed-metering system enables all grass and leguminous mixtures to be sown as well as more complex arable silage and game cover crops. Clovers can also be sown at very low seed rates (under 2kgs/ha) for those seeking to adjust the clover content of an existing pasture.

The inverted T-slot (right) created with the Aitchison boot.