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Local Small bale hay

Locally grown small bale hay
Approx 20kg bales
Meadow grass
2018 cut

Minimum of 10 for free delivery unless combined with other items.

£8.00 +GST Quantity:
  • Buy 64+ bales and save £0.50 / bale (£7.50 + gst / bale)

Medium Meadow Hay Bale

Quality UK Meadow hay
2018 harvest – very short supply due to UK drought
All our grass is dust.

MORE INSTOCK ON 31st Aug 2018

10% larger bales than 2017 due to different baler.

£55.00 +GST Quantity:
  • Buy 5+ and save £5 / bale (£50.00 + gst / bale)

U.K. Meadow Hay Small Bales

Compressed hay is made using specially selected meadow grasses which will provide your horse or pet with a balanced diet of fibre and goodness. This is then compressed and sectioned into a manageable size package which is roughly 1/3 size of a conventional bale but still 20kg.
Fresh hay provides a high level of natural fibre which is essential for a healthy digestive system.

Available from Saturday 25th August

£10.00 +GST Quantity:
  • Buy 35+ bales and save £0.50 / bale (£9.50 + gst / bale)

Medium Meadow Haylage Bales

Quality Meadow Haylage
Supplied from Devon
Dust free

£45.00 +GST Quantity:
  • Buy 5+ and save £5 / bale (£40.00 + gst / bale)

Small Bale Meadow Haylage

The Meadow Grass range has high fibre and is highly palatable, with medium to low protein and energy levels.
Easy Packs Meadow Grass Haylage is sweet smelling haylage, it high in fibre and medium to low in natural sugar, protein and starch.

  • Horses in light to medium work,
  • Riding Club or hacking,
  • Horses at rest or convalescing,
  • Lighter breeds that need condition without high levels of energy,
  • This convienient packaging will preserve the life of your product,
  • 20kg bags
  • It is packed in sections to help with feeding your horse regular amounts

Available from Saturday 25th August 2018

£9.49 +GST Quantity:
  • Buy 35 save £0.50 per bale (£8.99 + gst / bale)

Local Round bale hay

Large round bale hay
2018 harvest
Approx weight 250kg
Free delivery (see t&c for deliver restrictions)

£60.00 +GST Quantity:

Local Round bale Haylage

Permanent pasture grass.
Haylage can be in Pink & Black bales
Round bales weight approx 350kgs

See t&c for delivery restrictions.

£60.00 +GST Quantity: