Grass Seed & Forage

Le Pav is the local dealer for Oliver Seeds Ltd.
Oliver Seeds are a subsidiary DLF the largest seed distributor in Europe.

Haylage Mix

High percentage of diploids for rapid drying

– High fibre content for a balanced diet

– Top yielding varieties for maximum output

– Will last for 3 to 4 years

– Easily adapted for aftermath grazing

– PERSEUS, LOFA and FOJTAN are all Festuloliums that offer outstanding annual yield of dry matter with reduced moisture content. Leaf yield and leaf retention is particulary good as is survival under extreme weather conditions

Sowing Rate: 15kg per acre

Pack size: 20kg

£74.00 +GST Quantity:


A blend of Hybrid and Perennial Ryegrasses with Festulolium for outstanding performance

• Hybrids combine Italian yield and sugar content with Perennial persistence and quality
• Very high ‘D’ value and palatability
• Very vigorous establishment for later sowing
• Impressive disease resistance
• Excellent hardiness and drought tolerance
• Excellent silage yields combined with good sward density for grazing

Sowing Rate 13 to 15 kg/acre
Pack Size 20kg

£74.00 +GST Quantity:

Paddock Mix

The species selected have been carefully chosen for their suitability for horses and their ability to reduce the risk of Laminitis when compared to standard grass seed mixtures

• Formulated for easier management and improved mid season cover
• Hard wearing dense sward enhanced by Timothy and Red Fescue
• Steady production throughout the growing season
• The wide range of species ensures a good nutritional balance
• Surplus growth can make excellent hay

Sowing Rate 20kg per acre
Pack size: 20kg

£74.00 +GST Quantity:

Tornado (ryegrass)

TORNADO is based on a persistent, multicut, Westerwold Ryegrass and two Italian Ryegrasses which combine outstanding yield in the establishment year plus extraordinary spring growth and first cut yield.

Sowing Rate: 12.5kg to 15Kg per acre
Pack Size: 20kg

£50.00 +GST Quantity: