Linabox (flax)

LINABOX Linen Bedding is a natural and vegetable litter.
LINABOX consists exclusively of flax shives, the central and ligneous part of the flax stalk.
20kg bales – 54 per pallet
Linabox linen bedding has many advantages:
– 100% natural and 100% dust free
– Fewer odors and insects.
– Very high absorption rate.
– Flax is 12 times more absorbent than straw.
– Very low volume of waste.
FREE DELIVERY for 10 and more bales.

£7.50 +GST Quantity:

Straw bedding pellets

This bedding provides a soft supportive bed that crumbles easily and provides a cushioning bed. It does not need damping down, using up valuable absorbency capacity. It is time saving and better for the environment. Most importantly it is better for the health of your horse! read more below.
15kg bags

Coming in Friday 24th August

£5.80 +GST Quantity:
  • Buy 32+ bags save 5p per bag OR Buy 65+ bags save 10p per bag

Equine Rubber Mat

Heavy Duty Rubber Stable Mat 6ft x 4ft x 17mm.
100% natural rubber.
Round pebble top, wide grooved bottom.
Ideal for cattle sheds or horse stable floors.

£39.99 +GST Quantity:

Natural Flake Shavings

• Specifically manufactured large flake bedding for the equine market
• Premium quality, dust extracted, compressed baled shaving
• For the discerning customer
Free delivery minimum order 10 bales (if ordering just shavings)

£9.00 +GST Quantity:
  • Buy 42+ £8.50 + gst / bale (pallet price)

Jenkinson Small Flake

–  Pure sawmill shavings
–  Dust extracted & compressed baled shaving
–  20kg bale
–  Pallets of 42 bales
Free delivery minimum order 10 bales (if ordering just shavings)

£9.00 +GST Quantity:
  • Buy 42 bales (pallet) and save 50p / bale (£8.50 + gst / bale)

Wood Pellets

Wood Bedding pellets are manufactured from clean wood fibre residues from the sawmilling industry and are of the highest quality. Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly and economical solution for horse bedding.

£5.80 +GST Quantity:
  • Buy 35+ bags save 7p per bag OR Buy 70+ bags save 15p per bag