Gallagher Electric Fencing

Gallagher_rgbElectric fencing is a conductive wire with electric voltage that is used in fencing. High pulsed voltage (2 Р10 kV) is sent along the wire that gives anyone who touches it a shock, as the amperage or current is low the shock is not dangerous. Electric fencing may be solid metal wire, but often it is plastic tape or rope that contains metal threads. The benefit of plastic is that animals can pull it off or rip it when they become entangled. Gallagher is the worldwide market leader in electric-fencing devices. Driven by safety, convenience and technical perfection, we offer a suitable device for every situation.


Gallagher has the best solutions for supplying fences with power. Will you choose the I series, one of our intelligent energizers? Or a plug-and-play solution? Maybe a solar energizer with integrated solar panel is the one for you! Whatever you need, we will get you the right, most reliable solution.

I series energizer

Conducting wires

Essential for an electric fence is the conducting wire. It conducts the current. Even though the conducting wires look alike, there are considerable differences in price and quality. In addition there are differences in use. The Gallagher range offers tape, rope, plastic wire, Equifence and High Tensile. All different in conduction, durability and design. Choose the right conducting wire for your purpose!



Gallagher offers two post types: posts for temporary fencing and posts for permanent fencing. The permanent posts (Gallagher post, Eco post and Insultimber post) differ in quality, durability and price. On top of that, we offer mobile posts in various types and sizes: plastic posts, fibreglass posts and steel posts. Every type has its own application.



Our range of insulators closely matches the conducting wires we offer. There are insulators for tape, plastic rope and aluminium wire. With special attention for our offset insulators. To electrify existing fencing. To be fitted on wooden and/or steel posts, for permanent or mobile fencing. Distinctive in price, quality and durability. The choice is yours!



Earthing is there to direct the current back to the energizer when an animal and/or the grass touches the fence. No earthing means no more current at the end of the fence, so, it is essential for a solid circuit!



To supply a 9V or 12V electric fence with power you need a Gallagher battery. We have arranged the Gallagher alternatives for you. With special attention for the Optima batteries! With their extreme durability, these batteries are ultimately the most durable and inexpensive alternative.


Solar panels

Are you looking for an energizer that always works, generates free energy and is also environmentally friendly? Then go solar! Our solar range contains energizers with integrated solar panel as well as separate solar panels which can be combined perfectly with 9V/12V energizers.